Married in Las Vegas – divorced in Israel


Me and my girlfriend (we both are Israeli citizens) married in Las Vegas in 2000. We've lived together till early 2004, and separated peacefully. The marriage was never brought to Israeli officials, so legally we're not married here, in Israel. Now I'm thinking about  forming a family of my own, yet I'm sure I have to finish the Las Vegas marriage first, even though it's not legalized here in Israel. Do you know of a fastest and easiest way to get rid of that actually non-existent status, without first legalizing our status in Israel and filing for the divorce through Israeli courts?



Although it is possible to get "a divorce" in a Las Vegas court it should be mentioned that according to the Israeli law marriage and divorce of Jews who are Israeli citizens should are under the Jewish traditional Tora-Law (which is to this issue – an integral part of the Israeli Civil Law). It means that, assuming both of you are Jewish, even though you have been married in a "Civil Marriage" – the divorce has to be according to the Jewish traditional Tora-Law.


This is most important because under Jewish traditional Tora-Law, you are regarded as married on the basis of doubt, and are not allowed to get married again without a "Get" – the Tora-Law divorce. If you would not do so (it can be easy if both of you agree, and not that hard even if there are any disputes) – HER children from another man can be considered as Bustards.

This is why you have to bring witnesses to the marriage register office in
Israel to testify the bride and groom where not married before.


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