About our Law Offices:

Feferberg & Co. – Law offices & Notary was founded in 1997 by Zvi Feferberg, Advocate & Notary, and has evolved into a dynamic legal practice dedicated to the delivery of the highest level of service to our clients. Our firm has built a excellent reputation for consistently achieving the highest quality of personal and professional standards.

Since its establishment, Feferberg & Co. has focused its practice in the fields of civil, commercial and business law, providing a range of services to businesses, in consultation (including the preparation of legal documents and agreements) as well as judicial representation and litigation before a wide spectrum of official authorities, courts and other judicial bodies.

Our law office serves many foreign clients from overseas, such as banks, insurance companies, exporters and other kinds of commercial creditors, foreign private creditors as well as private individuals and their legal interests. 

Other services we offer include, but are not limited to: Inheritance, wills and probate, debt recovery; the preparation and filing of all kinds of lawsuits and legal procedures; domestication for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Israel, and domestication and enforcement of Israeli judgment overseas, with special emphasis in the United States. Feferberg & Co. is a member of some of the most well-known and established international collection organizations, such as ATTI Consultants.

We routinely undertake debtors property seizure, confiscation, company liquidation and bankruptcy actions against debtors as well as other collection procedures. Our office has been actively engaged in representing numerous clients from around the world who have been defrauded by the recent Forex and Binary Options scams, as we assist them in recovering stolen funds, and in discussions with local various international law enforcement organizations.

We also engage in matters concerning Maritime Law (Admiralty Law) and representation of ship"s creditors (suppliers, sailors etc.). Our firm is active in land and property law (including representation and consultation for the buying and selling of real estate in Israel and the United States) and international transactions relating to oil and energy products. We also assist with applications for United States visas, green cards, and other U.S. immigration applications, as well as consultation and assistance for general U.S. litigation matters.

Our office offers Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew translation services for legal and general documents. We also notarize translations and offer general notary services. We further assist our clients in obtaining an official apostille from the Court as may be necessary for legal documents or documents to be used for legal or quasi-legal purposes. 

Our office represents clients in the purchase, sale and investment of real estate in the United States. We also represent investment mortgage banks, and real estate investment groups which invest in real estate in the United States, by purchasing, repairing, managing, and selling property, mostly in New York.

On behalf of our clients, we take a leading part in negotiating deals of all kinds, as well as planning, establishing and managing these transactions across the entire spectrum of commercial business.

Our office also offers expert legal opinions regarding a variety of legal fields, and the various legal matters which we handle in Israel. Our American legal staff also prepares legal expert opinions in the various fields of law in which they practice in the United States, States of New York, New Jersey, and applicable federal laws. Expert opinions are in the fields of law including but not limited to real estate matters, estates and inheritance (yerusha) matters, guardianship and custody of minors and incompetent persons (Apothropus), and international transactions.

Clients of Feferberg & Co. – Law Offices & Notary tend to entrust us with all their legal matters, since our law office offers them our expertise in a wide variety of legal matters and many years of extensive experience; however, we are also extremely well connected within the legal community, such that, should a client’s particular needs require it, we can call upon outside counsel of the highest caliber who specializes in this particular field of law.

About the lawyers in our Law Office:

Zvi Feferberg, Advocate & Notary

Eli Gon, Advocate

Shelly Feferberg, Advocate

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