Transfer of technology from one company to other company


Before some years I was one of the founders of a small company (company A); my partner was an established company (company B). I am the owner of 12 % of the shares of company A and my partner; company B, owns 88 % of the shares. Company B was bought by an international company (company C). The board of directors of company A decided to change the original objective of the company and to focus on a future product that I was one of the inventors. We work 3 years on this project. Company C wanted the project for themselves, so they demanded to close the activity in company A and transfer the technology to company C. Company B, closed all the activity in company A. Company C continues developing this product. They announce that it will be on the market on the next year. My question is: Do I have any rights over this product? Can I demand for compensation? Thanks in advance


under Israeli Corporations law, a minor share holder has the right to remedies against unjust acts of the majority. If you are actually the inventor (or one of a group of inventors) there is a chance that you are entitled for royalties, but it depends on the the specific facts.

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